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because fire is good

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welcome to the chemistry brigade! now go away!

haha jk, unless of course you are a girl, in which case you must now close your browser window. unless you are fairly attractive, in which case an exception may be allowed. anyways, chemistry brigade is a private club open to the public for peoples who would like to know some practical applications for all the chemistry crap you learned in highschool. things include but are not limited to creating bombs, making things that explode, setting things on fire, stuff that changes color, stuff that moves, and maybe even recipes for some kick-ass kool-aid smoothies. and now for the disclaimer:

the chemistry brigade is for informational purposes only, and if you try to duplicate any of the experiments discussed in this community and blow a finger off or gouge an eye out, thats your own damn fault for not wearing goggles and chemistry brigade cannot be held accountable for your dumb ass. also, none of these experiments should ever be performed for destructive purposes or for vandalism, and should always be done in a controlled setting if you are hell-bent on doing it. if you do use something like thermite to melt your neighbors cat, we cannot be held accountable for any legal charges either, because once again it was your own damn fault for not wearing goggles.

now come on in or go to hell!