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Because I am not a deal-breaker

so allen and i had an agreement....and i have this gut feeling he got the better deal.

AP Clarence: life is like food, try everything once before you gag on it
kikistar98: yeah but like....
kikistar98: no.
kikistar98: that's the only way i could finish that sentence.
AP Clarence: well think of a really hot dude and then imagine him comatose
AP Clarence: hes still hot, right?
kikistar98: yeah...but like, drool and a heart moniter are sort of mood killers allen
AP Clarence: hm, i guess i just dont know very much about romance
AP Clarence: but i think carmen electra would be a pretty hot comatose
kikistar98: he'd still be hot but i wouldn't wanna bang him or anything. plus hospitals smell funny
AP Clarence: what if he went omcatose in your bed
AP Clarence: surrounded by rose petals
AP Clarence: and soft jazz music playing in the background
AP Clarence: and he was half naked
AP Clarence: with whipped cream on his nipples?
kikistar98: allen if he's not awake it doesn't work!
kikistar98: i'd be like
kikistar98: "Hey...who likes freaking jazz? and those things are gonna start a fire. And why is there a gorgeous comatose guy in my bed exactly like allen pan descirbed in a weird what-if scenario designed both to make me look like a sex-starved freak and distract me from my original purpose?"
AP Clarence: i didnt mention anything about anything that could start a fire, no candles, just rose petals. so obviously, you were creating a fantasy just now which involved candles and a comatose guy
AP Clarence: scroll up and look for yourself, you made up the candles in your fantasy
AP Clarence: haha
kikistar98: allen!
AP Clarence: haha
kikistar98: omfg
AP Clarence: i made kiki fantasize about comatose guys
kikistar98: we are SO not married anymore!
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