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Chemistry Brigade

5th July, 2006. 9:53 pm. spud gun(blarney_ninja)

well, i think this is a very appropriate project to follow up the 4th of july, a combustion potato gun!

um, im too lazy right now to write one of those detailed project outlines so just google or wiki "potato gun" and youll be on your way.

comment with any good design links you may encounter, like this one:

remember, if theres a picture of somebody holding the gun, go by ponytail length. its like the metric measurement of design reliability, since if they have long hair then they probably havent had it blown off by any combustion chamber grenading lately, or at least by my logic.

some things i would like to suggest for design:

-a comfortable trigger, like if we could use the piezoelectric igniter from a utility lighter that would be nice, but really, stealing a gas grill lighter would be much more fun, we would just have to find a good way to mount it.

-one thing i think is a definite safety measure would be to wrap the combustion chamber completely with duct tape, since they do have a nasty tendency to go boom. that way, if it does go boom in our hands we wont be blinded by plastic shrapnel and the explosion might be quieted down to a loud rupture.

so comment all your ideas, no matter how stupid they are! (kiki).

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14th June, 2006. 12:56 am.(scarlet_prodigy)


cancer never looked better...

no but seriously- could we?

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10th May, 2006. 8:13 pm.(blarney_ninja)

ok, so i got a broken down coffee grinder from a friend of mine. i put some aluminum foil through it and it didnt work as well as i would have hoped. the "powder" it made wasnt very fine at all, and the grinder started giving off some burning smells after a couple minutes since aluminum is harder to grind than beans. im going to try in small intervals this week to keep grinding down the aluminum until i get enough and fine enough powder. once again, i have to emphasize that this is only a temporary source, since the amounts of ingredients that are being yielded are nowhere near enough to do anything useful, constructive or destructive. also, someones got to get us some sparklers! or if you could steal some magnesium strips from chemistry class, that would also be great.

about hydrogen tanks, if anyone is willing to buy one and fill it then that would be cool, otherwise we may just have to stick to electrolysis for our hydrogen and oxygen needs. and, should shaver get posting access?

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25th April, 2006. 10:57 pm. BOOM!(theuglybarnacle)


Alright: here's the deal. I want to start doing some crazy Chem. stuff, and I want to start doing it soon.

I say we start a video journal -- we explain the reaction, then perform it... and our natural funniness will come out automatically.

How bout we start with a re-do of the chlorine bottle experiment? We didn't get it on tape, so I say we do it again.

And I think that one thing we should try to do over the summer is order us some cesium -- it has a such a low melting point that it would be fun to melt it into stuff and then freeze it...

like daggers and shit.


PS: Since we can start taping our experiments, the camera will give us an advantage cuz we can place it closer to the reaction than we should get to it (maybe we can make some kind of cover for the camera, to keep it safe(er).

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19th April, 2006. 10:15 pm.(theuglybarnacle)

Hey guys!

I'm in this whole chembrig thing just to have fun, but let's make some slight orginizational things so that it's MORE fun.

From now on, we should NEVER, EVER perform an experiment without everyone there -- unless someone says it's ok...

also, let's tape EVERYTHING so we can look back at it later... i'll be the taper, since my camera is good for it...

McNally, you keep all the stuff at your house, in some safe place (like your room or something)...

and jordan and allen will be in CHARGE of anything chemical related (such as gathering or thinking) -- that doesn't mean that we all can't help tho.

That seems good to me... it late, but i wanted to post this so that we dont all start getting reaction-happy..

oh yaeh -- and allen -- sorry bout your O.S.S's...


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17th April, 2006. 10:21 pm.(blarney_ninja)

the steel wool is still rusting, its taking longer than expected but thats mainly due to the surprising amount of rust it is yielding. also, it is a very nice red color which is very very good, since fe2o3 (the good stuff) is red while fe3o4 (the bad stuff) is black. so were getting a fairly high yield of the correct form of rust. once its done rusting (which actually might take to the end of the week) ill need to find a mortar and pestel somehow to grind it up to be fine enough to use. so does anybody know when we will get some aluminum powder? because the rust will be coming pretty soon. if the aluminum comes in time for summer break i think that would be a gerat way to say good riddance with sophomore year.

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16th April, 2006. 10:51 pm. Because I am not a deal-breaker(scarlet_prodigy)

so allen and i had an agreement....and i have this gut feeling he got the better deal.

AP Clarence: life is like food, try everything once before you gag on it
kikistar98: yeah but like....
kikistar98: no.
kikistar98: that's the only way i could finish that sentence.
AP Clarence: well think of a really hot dude and then imagine him comatose
AP Clarence: hes still hot, right?
kikistar98: yeah...but like, drool and a heart moniter are sort of mood killers allen
AP Clarence: hm, i guess i just dont know very much about romance
AP Clarence: but i think carmen electra would be a pretty hot comatose
kikistar98: he'd still be hot but i wouldn't wanna bang him or anything. plus hospitals smell funny
AP Clarence: what if he went omcatose in your bed
AP Clarence: surrounded by rose petals
AP Clarence: and soft jazz music playing in the background
AP Clarence: and he was half naked
AP Clarence: with whipped cream on his nipples?
kikistar98: allen if he's not awake it doesn't work!
kikistar98: i'd be like
kikistar98: "Hey...who likes freaking jazz? and those things are gonna start a fire. And why is there a gorgeous comatose guy in my bed exactly like allen pan descirbed in a weird what-if scenario designed both to make me look like a sex-starved freak and distract me from my original purpose?"
AP Clarence: i didnt mention anything about anything that could start a fire, no candles, just rose petals. so obviously, you were creating a fantasy just now which involved candles and a comatose guy
AP Clarence: scroll up and look for yourself, you made up the candles in your fantasy
AP Clarence: haha
kikistar98: allen!
AP Clarence: haha
kikistar98: omfg
AP Clarence: i made kiki fantasize about comatose guys
kikistar98: we are SO not married anymore!

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16th April, 2006. 3:09 pm. hooray for chem_brig!(blarney_ninja)

ok, i made the community, lets see if we can keep it alive. i am the moderator of chem_brig, and therefore i have god-like powers over you peoples! ahahahaha-ahem. anyways, anybody can join chem_brig so that even strangers can see our projects, but posting powers must be granted by the mod, me. so im not sure how many people should get the power to post; jordan, matt, and mike will be in for sure, but as for everyone else i think well need a group vote of some kind. like for shaver or the girl. anyways, heres the community for all our chemistry needs so that we wont have to crowd anybodies friends pages with our intelligent banter.

gooooooooooooooo chemistry brigade!

Current mood: artistic.

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16th April, 2006. 2:27 pm. test post(blarney_ninja)

just ignore this post, its just a test post so that i can tweak the color scheme to my liking.

Current mood: accomplished.

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